Havoc (Mobb Deep) - Hidden Files CD

Havoc (Mobb Deep) - Hidden Files CDHavoc (Mobb Deep)
Label: Koch Records
Year: 2009
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Mobb Deep needs no introduction. The Queens duo of Havoc and Prodigy are one of the biggest groups in rap music history, selling over four million albums worldwide with classics like The Infamous, Hell On Earth and Murda Muzik. It is thanks to Mobb Deep's household name status in the hip-hop community that Prodigy has also garnered success as a solo artist, releasing four albums of his own including H.N.I.C., Return Of The Mac with Alchemist, H.N.I.C. 2 and the more recent Product of the 80's. Havoc has maintained a steady living on the side producing for the likes of The Game, G-Unit and more, and follows up his 2007 album The Kush with this brand new album featuring Prodigy (of course), Big Noyd and production handled entirely by the rapper/producer himself.

Produced by Havoc

1.Can't Get Touched
2.I Clap 'Em Up
3.Watch Me (feat. Ricky Blaze)
4.Heart of the Grind
5.You Treated Me... (feat. Cassidy)
6.My Life
7.That's My Word
8.The Hustler
9.The Millennium
10.Walk Wit Me
11.On A Mission (feat. Prodigy)
12.This Is Where It's At (feat. Big Noyd)
13.Don't Knock It Til You Try It
14.Tell Me More (feat. Sonyae Elise)

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