Myka 9 (Mikah 9) - 1969 CD

Myka 9 (Mikah 9) - 1969 CDMyka 9 (Mikah 9)
Label: Fake Four
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Myka 9, of the legendary Freestyle Fellowship and Project Blowed collective returns with an all new solo album a little over two years since 2006's Citrus Sessions and just months after his collaboration with DJ Drez and JtheSarge on Magic Heart Genies (a year end favorite amongst the staff). Pairing up with Canadian producer Factor for the entire album, 1969 is symbolic for the year of the emcee's birth, and throughout the duration of the album are lyrics, production and storytelling relating Myka's early childhood and everything around him growing up in the decades that followed. Traditional funk and soul inspired hip hop at its core, but not to be mismatched with the abstract lyricists delivery and content are the touches of psychedelia and downtempo. A great release to start off the year in hip hop 2009!

1.Real Song
2.Inner Knowing
3.Soul Beat
4.Snake Bite
5.To The Sky
6.Options (feat. Aceyalone)
7.Cadillac Nights
8.Chopper (feat. Busdriver)
11.Hand Bone
12.Monte Carlo
13.Gold Old Smokey (My Kanine)
14.91 Octane (feat. Awol One / Gel Roc)

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mikah and factor, February 15, 2009
By: strikt9 - See all my reviews

this is the release that i always wanted mikah 9 to do. i heard about him a while back but when i checked out his releases they always seemed mismatched and more like compilations of himself instead of a fully complete album. but i never gave up on mikah because its obvious that the guy is unreal on the mic and can do just about anything with his voice. with that being said, in my opinion, this is mikah's first solo record. the production on this release embodies mikah's style so well and i think that like me, factor must have grown up being a huge fan of mikah's because his beats seem to truly understand mikah's ideology. there is a lot of soul and style is the album and the man, the legend, mikah nine, rhymes, raps, styles, and sings like no other. i can't say much more than this album is a true blessing and a definite gift to any music lover.

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