Bored Stiff - The Sad Truth CD

Bored Stiff - The Sad Truth CDBored Stiff
Label: Solidarity Records
Year: 2008
Price: $8.95
Format: CD
Available on: Vinyl

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On the real...this is some grown man rap. Wise beyond their years, when listening I'm feeling all the life lessons being taught. Bored Stiff, the legendary Bay Area group is back in gear thanks to the success of last years From The Ground Up and the launch of their revamped website for Hella Records and releasing their classic albums Ghetto Research and the Timeless and Explainin' EP's on CD after being unavailable for so long. The old fans have come back and a new crowd has gathered, and the Sad Truth is proof of this group's impact, even though they still remain underground with more of cult status. The beats are on point as always and again, I feel like hearing this group of guys is like hearing old friends and old faces from the block talking about way back when. Reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future by living out the day. Where would Bay Area hip hop be without the inspiration of groups like Hiero, The Living Legends and Bored Stiff? It's the kind that reaches way past labels like ''West Coast'' only or ''East Coast.'' You can't force anyone to listen to good music, you just have to let them discover it, and that is the honest and sad truth of it all...among other things. All I can say is that Bored Stiff gets better with age. Word!

1.Listen To The Music
2.@ A Distance click to listen
3.Hold It In
4.Take It Easy (feat. Agent Strik9) click to listen
5.P-Way In Denmark
6.2Gether (feat. Mike Marshall)
7.Kingship (feat. The Grouch / Sick Y.G.)
8.The Flow
9.Hope click to listen
10.Schwinn & Chops
11.A Way Out (feat. The Jacka)
12.January 19th
13.Hey Jo click to listen
14.Oso On One
15.Say So Much (feat. Spank Pops / Mike Marshall)
17.If I Don't click to listen
18.Make A Sound
19.Show Me (feat. FDOG)
20.Sad Truth (feat. Mike Marshall) click to listen
21.Free (feat. Agent Strik9 / Cait La Dee)

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