Shawn Lee+Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch Of The Tiger CD

Shawn Lee+Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch Of The Tiger CDShawn Lee+Clutchy Hopkins
Label: Ubiquity Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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I'd like to think of this as a match made in heaven! Shawn Lee continues to steadily rise to fame ever since his Ping Pong Orchestra albums and subsequent solo releases on Ubiquity earned excellent critical acclaim for his odd use of new and even outdated instruments and electronics to create the illusion of a fully functioning band creating live, funky and psychedelic instrumental sets. Pair that up with the already mysterious Clutchy Hopkins, whose releases still baffle the listener, as you try and figure out what's sampled, what's actually being played and once again asking yourself ''who the hell is Clutchy Hopkins and why is he so dope?!'' Clutch of the Tiger has a dark tone, and the right amount of musical genius needed to keep things constantly interesting from these two mad scientists of sound. Drums and strings dominate as new instruments are introduced throughout the course of the songs, never predictable in structure. If you aren't familiar with either of Shawn Lee or Clutchy separately, it won't matter...this one will have you toe tapping and head nodding in no time!

1.Full Moon click to listen
2.Two Steps Back
3.Things Change click to listen
4.Bill Blows It
5.So Easily, So Naturally
6.Leon Me click to listen
7.Dollar Short
8.When I Was Young
9.Across The Pond
10.Bad Influence click to listen
11.Till Next Time
12.Indian Burn click to listen

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Shawn Lee+Clutchy Hopkins= Clutch Of The Tiger, October 14, 2008
By: SUPeRB - See all my reviews

This assortment of mellowed out beats emits jazz, hip-hop, funk and soul. Shawn Lee and the Mojave Desert man of mystery, Clutchy Hopkins, have come together to create a soulful journey full of crisp drums and a variety of samples from around the world. The funky drums and cuts in, "Full Moon," set the mysterious tone. The uncertainty surrounding the identity of Clutchy Hopkins strangely permeates through changing drum patterns and looming piano and flute samples. Fans of jazz and instrumental music will enjoy, "Bill Blows It," a calm yet funky concoction served with a splash of Gillespie-ish trumpet samples. Later on, "Dollar Short," hits us with some heavy drum breaks and funky piano loops. The drums pick up again for, "Across The Pond," this time backed by the sounds of a Koto or Zither-like instrument. The two conclude the album with the beautiful sounds of a sitar in, "Indian Burn," giving the listener one final feeling of displacement. Another gem to add to the Clutchy collection.

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