Cyne - Pretty Dark Things CD

Cyne - Pretty Dark Things CDCyne
Label: Hometapes
Year: 2008
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I think its safe to say that the group's first album was pretty much slept on, but helped gain enough word of mouth to cause a frenzy in the underground over Starship Utopia, which was a collection of new and unreleased material released just a few months back compiled exclusively for its release and pressed up in limited quantities only... about 500 copies worldwide on both CD and vinyl. Now their official follow up to Evolution Flight is finally here as Pretty Dark Things sets the stage once again for the Florida foursome! And this time, we at Access hope you're not sleeping. Akin and Cise Starr trade verses perfectly over Enoch and Speck's bold production. Their focus: To get listeners to re-focus on what hip hop is all about, and this simple message of spreading good music doesn't come without its traditional boom-bap origins as they shout like Killarmy ''Wake the fuck up, that Nelly shit sucks.'' It continues over other sobering moments about where this culture has gone and offers insight over where the music is headed if we don't preserve the art. This is sure to be your new favorite album, if not your new favorite group that you should have heard of by now. Trust!

1.Just Say No
2.The Runaway
5.Money Parade
6.Pretty Black Future
7.Elephant Rome
8.The Dance
11.Fuzzy Logic
12.Never Forget Pluto
13.Pianos On Fire
14.Radiant Cool Boy
15.Excite Me

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What about that Florida Hip Hop? Don't sleep!, November 11, 2008
By: SUPeRB - See all my reviews

I write for a local magazine in Salt Lake City and we make these equations to give people a point of reference.

CYNE= Shape of Broad Minds + Loer Velocity + The Roots + Juggaknots

The Black Eyed Peas and many other artists that went from making real Hip Hop music to um...something else are what make groups like CYNE possible. The group's bold production, potent subject matter and innovative rhyme styles conserve the art of true Hip Hop. CYNE is here to offer us something better that the fluff we hear on the radio twice a day. They brand Kramer's racist outbursts, African genocide and worldwide gang violence in, "Never Forget Pluto" and "Pianos on Fire," as some our major human flaws. These controversial themes are what separate CYNE from the common bubble gum rapper. While most of the album recaps our racist tendencies, the fourth track, "Escape," can be used to cheer you up. Also check out, "Money Parade," for a pragmatic standpoint on the effects of a capitalist society. Definitely worth a listen. -SUPeRB

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