Mr. Cooper - What Else There Is CD

Mr. Cooper - What Else There Is CDMr. Cooper
Label: Project Mooncircle
Year: 2008
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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After many requests and the success, of course, of other Hip Hop Vinyl imports, we've finally got Mr. Cooper's instrumental follow up to ''Amongst Strangers.'' The London producer and coordinator of the Project Mooncircle compilations, offers up a beautiful collection of ambient, electronica and hip hop soundscapes that will have heads nodding and maybe even nodding off into dreamland as the sounds and drums are hypnotizing and hard to resist. If his previous work explored heavy sampling elements, then perhaps it is fair to say that ''What Else Is There?'' is about sound engineering, further exploring original sounds and tweaking them from their origins to give off a whole new tone and effect. Dark and moody and coming off much harder and faster, but never veering off track. Imported...and limited! For fans of Glen Porter, DJ 2Tall, 40 Winks, D-Day One, Dextah, Tenshun, Bully Records and get the point! If this sounds like you then don't sleep!

1.Part 01 click to listen
2.Part 02 click to listen
3.Part 03
4.Part 04 click to listen
5.Part 05
6.Part 06
7.Part 07 click to listen
8.Part 08
9.Part 09 click to listen
10.Part 10

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