Josh Martinez - World Famous Sex Buffet 2xLP

Josh Martinez - World Famous Sex Buffet 2xLPJosh Martinez
Label: CamoBear Records
Year: 2008
Price: $15.95
Format: Vinyl

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After a three year hiatus from solo projects, if you count Midriff Music as an actual album (it's still unclear) Josh Martinez stayed busy on other side projects including The Chicharones with Sleep of Old Dominion, and a split EP with DJ Moves and Awol One, plenty of guest appearances for others, compilation albums, as well as an exhaustive tour schedule. With his strongest, most accessible record yet, Martinez takes his place in the top tier of today's most influential underground hip hop artists. His use of harmony and humor has long brought him accolades from non-traditional sources, but there has always been substance underneath the syrup. An abiding love for both the people and their stories oozes from every pore of this opus. Longtime fans won't want to miss out and new comers are sure to embrace this if they've never given him a chance before.

1.All Rapped Out
2.Ritalin Future Sounds
3.Grown Folks' Music
4.Struts (feat. Awol One)
5.Fight Or F*ck
6.Underground Pop (feat. Moka Only / Scratch Bastid)
7.Responsibility (feat. Evil)
8.Hurricane Jane (feat. Devin The Dude)
9.Absinth Minded (feat. Mother Mother)
10.Trickle Down Trauma
11.Beerhunger Lovestory (feat. Pigeon John / Sleep)
12.Going Back To Hali (feat. Classified / Skratch Bastid)
13.Jokes Yo!
14.Bobby Loveable
15.Goodnight Sweetheart

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