People Under The Stairs - Fun DMC CD

People Under The Stairs - Fun DMC CDPeople Under The Stairs
Label: Gold Dust Media
Year: 2008
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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So we've been at it for a while and have been trying to figure out if there's a single release or song that the People Under The Stairs have ever put out that I didn't like...and I can't do it. Even some stuff that you have to go back to and ask yourself ''did I like that album?'' comes to mind, so you dig it up and play it all the way through and you're feeling it all over again! Fun DMC is exactly this type of releases, fun and lighthearted, like the late 80's or early 90's carefree attitude, no competition of whose putting out the best shit, the hardest beats, or the next hit with a catchy chorus, we're all united under one thing, the culture and the music. It's as if The PUTS are broadcasting this one from Planet Hip Hop and only those with directions will be able to make it to this funky, soulful and headnodding musical journey...or you just host a backyard jam yourself and invite everybody you know. Turn it up and picture this, live graffiti, beatboxing, passing the mic around, setting up some linoleum and making room for the b-boys and girls while the DJ turns the party out...and you've got Fun DMC!

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1.The Swan Fever
2.Step Bacc
3.Up Yo Spine (Live At The Fishbucket Pt. 3)
4.Ste. For Peter Pt. 1 ''The Fun''
5.Ste. For Peter Pt. 2 ''The Grind''
6.Anotha (BBQ)
7.The Ultimate 144
8.Letter 2 c/o Bronx
9.Party Enemy #1
11.Gamin' On Ya
12.Critical Condition
13.The Wiz
14.People Riddum
16.Love's Theme #1
17.A Baby
18.Same Beat (The Wesley Rap)
20.The Mike & Chris Story

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