Maleko - Yadadaloha CD

Maleko - Yadadaloha CDMaleko
Label: Knew West
Year: 2008
Price: $6.95
Format: CD

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Just months after the Breathing Room was released, Maleko is back with your Bay Area Summer fix, and probably one of the funniest releases of the year! Honestly this one had us laughing out loud and we don't get enough of 'em that we can take seriously at the same time, so when taken with a grain of salt you'll get lost in the comedic plots of songs like ''86 T-Bird'' and ''M.I.L.F.'' which display the emcee's sharp sense of humor and storytelling abilities paired with equal parts tongue-in-cheek beats. I feel like this is the triumphant proof to the fact that the hyphy movement has pretty much died down and Bay Area music hip hop is back to one category, that 'ole slump-shit, and longtime friends and collaborators have joined the ride on Yadadaloha including Optimus Rhymes, Z-man, Joe Dub, Cosmic and more!

1.Intro 75
2.Life's A Beach
3.86 T-Bird
4.West Coast Business (feat. Z-Man)
5.Be The One (feat. Marty James)
6.21 & Up
7.Clean State (feat. Cait La Dee)
9.Download It
10.Bay Bound
11.Make A Killin' (feat. Kill Klump)
12.Tipsy Textin' (feat. Vince Vega)
13.World Tour (feat. Optimus Rhymes / Astro Circus (Cosmic and Zilla))
14.Forever (feat. Joe Dub)
15.Inspiration (feat. Panik (Coastyles))

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