Conglomerates - Should Wizard Ki_ Mommy.. 12" Single

Conglomerates - Should Wizard Ki_ Mommy.. 12" SingleConglomerates
Label: Perceptive Records
Year: 2008
Price: $4.95
Format: Vinyl

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Perceptive Records Inc. was formed in 1999 during the collapse of the record industry and their association with real hip hop, as no new artists were being signed and veterans being dropped, the independent label has worked through the bullshit and are ready to finally drop a bomb on the scene! Most of the artists on the conglomerates collective hail from New York City as the Queens based label is composed of DJ/Producer teQnotic, DJ Leebone, DJ IXL, MC's and lyricists PerCepto, Rai Metaphorz, Producer/MC Ebbineeza (Regiment & Pre-Meditated Mind Dust) and plenty more you may have never heard of until now. Bottom line, this single is fact I think it may actually be from the late 90's, at least it feels like it with its spirit full of traditional boombap and battle lyrics, it could be the evil twin brother of the Weathermen for comparison. Once you get into're really into it!

1.Should Wizard Ki__ Mommy-In-Law (dirty)
2.Should Wizard Ki__ Mommy-In-Law (instrumental)
3.Freebee Throwback
4.Questions On 8mm Skin, Answers For Damage Control (radio)
5.Questions On 8mm Skin, Answers For Damage Control (instrumental)
6.Bless Tha Verse  (feat. Dynamo Action Runners)

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One sick 12 inch, July 2, 2011
By: Monk Six - See all my reviews

I just caught wind of this single and i must say these guys are sick! The beat for should wizard is so ruff and rugged, the mc is out of his mind. I like the wordplay and music all together, it's kind of dark but yet it comes off nice. It's good to know independent artists are still out there and pressing vinyl.

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