The Ritz (Apoc & Rel) - The Night Of Day CD

The Ritz (Apoc & Rel) - The Night Of Day CDThe Ritz (Apoc & Rel)
Label: Lab-Oratory Records
Year: 2008
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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For their first full-length album as The Ritz, Apoc and Rel showcase their ability to explore a diverse array of styles while still creating a cohesive and affecting hip hop record. Exploring the possibilities of a concept album but not going the whole nine yards so not to confuse their audience, Apoc, having shown age and weathered with wisdom on exhaustive travels for shows across the country, and Rel pulling out all the stops with incredible range and production inspiration, this album goes from 1940's gangster to 1990's gangsta at the flip of a coin. Spitting fast raps over soulful tracks or long storytelling-style lyrics against darker samples. The Chi-town natives prove that once more coming from Chicago, a city of that boasts ''no-coasts'' is a breeding ground for new and exciting talent. If you picked up Apoc's Shipwrecked Salesman or Gods and Ghosts you won't be disappointed. Featuring guest appearances by Racecar of Modill, Psalm One and DJ Onceamonth on cuts and scratches! I've said this before but fans of Aesop Rock will dig this, Apoc's voice and flow is sometimes uncanny but reminds me of just how good he is regardless of the similarity.

1.Gotta Be
2.It's The...
3.The Night Of Day
4.The Getaway
5.She Lived By Night
7.Langston Bukowski (feat. Racecar)
8.Step (feat. Brendan B)
10.The Point Of No Return
11.Blown (feat. Psalm One)
12.Good Times, Girls
13.Too Late For Tears
14.Waiting For The Sun To Set
15.I Said That (feat. Moodswangz / Elfamil)

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