Sabac - The Ritual CD+DVD

Sabac - The Ritual CD+DVDSabac
Label: Psycho-Logical Records
Year: 2008
Price: $15.95
Format: CD+DVD

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Formerly Sabac Red of Non-Phixion fame, The Ritual finds the outspoken emcee carrying out continued hardcore and politically themed lyrics on Necro's Psycho-Logical-Records! Featuring production by Blue Sky Black Death, Cimer Amor, Snowgoons and more, along with guest appearances by Slaine and Ill Bill to name a few. The release also includes a DVD with a live show footage from his European tour with Ill Bill and DJ Eclipse, behind the scenes making of The Collabo Collection Vol. 2 Mixtape and the video for ''A Change 'Gon Come'' a mini bio from a public speaking event in San Francisco and more! Longtime fans won't want to miss out!

Disc 1
1.The Commitment
2.World Army
3.As Children Cry
4.Open Book Policy
6.Death and Destiny (feat. Jordan ''Playahnice'' Battiste / Slaine)
7.The Ritual
8.Viva Boricua (feat. La Bruja)
9.America's Business (feat. Revolution of the Mind)
10.The Life I Live
11.Reality Tell-A-Vision (feat. Cenophia Mitchell)
12.When The Lights Go Out (feat. Ill Bill)
13.Breaking Through
14.Darkness Deepness (feat. Ill Bill / Slaine)
15.Shift of the Earth
Disc 2

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