De La Soul - De La Soul Is Dead (180g) LP

De La Soul - De La Soul Is Dead (180g) LPDe La Soul
Label: 4 Men With Beards
Year: 2008
Price: $19.95
Format: Vinyl

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Some of us and hopefully most of you have been waiting a long time for this to finally reappear on vinyl! It is still one of the most timeless and inspiring classics in hip hop's still very young history in music. There's not much else to be said, that hasn't already been repeated time after time over the last 17 years or so since its release. Featuring classics like ''Oodles of O's'' and ''Pass The Plugs'' with guest appearances by Q-Tip, The Jungle Brothers and production by Prince Paul! 1991 never sounded so new now you DJ's and collectors out there don't have to bust out your originals anymore. And if you're getting this for the first time...welcome to the party.

2.Oodles Of O's
3.Talkin' Bout Hey Love
4.Pease Porridge
5.Skit 1
6.Johnny's Dead aka Vincent Mason (live from the BK Lounge)
7.A Roller Skating Jam Named 'Saturdays'
8.WRMS' Dedication To The Bitty
9.Bitties In The BK Lounge
10.Skit 2
11.Let, Let Me In
12.Rap De Rap Show
13.Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
14.Skit 3
15.Pass The Plugs
16.Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
17.WRMS: Cat's In Control
18.Skit 4
20.Fanatic of the B Word
21.Keepin' the Faith
22.Skit 5

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