Q-Tip - The Renaissance CD

Q-Tip - The Renaissance CDQ-Tip
Label: Motown
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Hard to believe that this is only Q-Tip's second album since his solo debut nine years ago on 1999's Amplified. Of course there was the never released but lightly bootlegged Kamaal The Abstract, which was deemed ''not commercial enough'' by Arista in 2002. The better half of the past decade saw the emcee rise into somewhat of a more well known personality in the mainstream, appearing in film and television, contributing to many high profile albums for artists and soundtracks. But the glory days of A Tribe Called Quest are not lost with their disbandment, re-uniting for tours and special appearances and remaining a true inspiration after all these years to younger generations even in the current state of mainstream rap. The Renaissance is surprising to say the least, I like many others had my doubts, but it truly is a release worthy of its creator, as the album is completely produced by Q-Tip with the exception of one track by the late J-Dilla. Jazzy, soulful, and not at all an attempt at proving to his former label that he can be commercial too! So there. Featuring guest appearances by Raphael Saadiq, Norah Jones, D'Angelo and Amanda Diva.

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1.Johnny Is Dead
2.Won't Trade
3.Gettin' Up
6.We Fight/We Love (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
7.Manwomanboogie (feat. Amanda Diva)
9.Dance On Glass
10.Life Is Better (feat. Norah Jones)
11.Believe (feat. D'Angelo)

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much better than i had expected!, November 10, 2008
By: radshoesbro - See all my reviews

i might be the only person alive that thinks that phife dawg is more enjoyable to listen to than q-tip. add to this the fact that i don't care for much tribe post midnight marauders and you have a perfect recipe for me to not like this album. however, this is actually pretty good! it's not jaw dropping or anything, but with the exception of only a few weaker hooks this is definitely worth picking up. q-tip basically just spits the way he always has, which is a huge plus. listening to this it becomes painfully obvious how much hip hop still owes to this man. this is a very pop friendly album, with the exception of a few tracks, everything on this clocks in at a little over three minutes. the longest track going to "move" which is 5:49.

bottom line, this isn't going to go down as a classic, but it is definitely worth owning!

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