DJ JS-1 - Audio Technician CD

DJ JS-1 - Audio Technician CDDJ JS-1
Year: 2004
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Format: CD

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Third full length album by DJ JS-1 features a mix and mash of DJ-ready tracks and rap songs with underground heavyweight MC's such as C-Rayz Walz, Akrobatik, Breez Evahflowin, Immortal Technique and Rahzel, the Roots' beatbox champion of the world. Also incorporating a lot of turntablism tracks showcasing his skills and it's no wonder his breaks and battle records are ill. For the aforementioned JS-1 dips back into the archives and taps members of his original DJ crew featuring DJs Spinbad (whose been seen touring with Moby), Slynke and Ody-Roc. Also on the album, for the first time in his career, JS-1 actually decides to get out from behind the tables and spit some rhymes on the second verse of ''New Level.''

1.Audio Technician (feat. Life Long / Immortal Technique)
2.Complicated 98 (feat. DJ Slynke)
3.Bringin Back NY Rap (feat. BL-One / Jak Danielz)
4.Babylon 5 (96) (feat. DJ Spinbad)
5.New Level (feat. React / DJ JS-1 / Eternal)
6.Dangerous (99) (feat. DJ Spinbad)
7.Basix (feat. Tonedeff / Pack FM)
8.ColdCutz (feat. DJ Spinbad / DJ Slynke)
9.In N Out (feat. Eternal / React)
10.Wake Up! (00) (feat. DJ Ody-Roc)
11.The Mission (feat. Trez)
12.Make Me Laugh (feat. Rahzel)
13.Press Rewind (feat. Five Feet Perspectives)
14.DJ/Emcee (feat. Radix)
15.BX Streets (feat. Rahzel)
16.The More U Got (feat. Dub-L)
17.Rule #4080
18.Flying Guillotines (feat. C-Rayz Walz / Akrobatik / Breez Evahflowin / React)
19.Ventilation Scratchapella

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