Various Artists - Fiyah Bounce CD

Various Artists - Fiyah Bounce CDVarious Artists
Label: Pure Fiya Sound
Year: 2007
Price: $7.95
Format: CD

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1.Soulmedic Intro
2.Sizzla - 'Gang War'
3.Jagwa - 'Same Old Thing'
4.Jr. Gong - 'Something For You'
5.Juggles - 'Baller'
6.Kyenie - 'No Game'
7.Kyenie - 'Can't Get Enough'
8.Soulmedic Special
9.Hollow Point, Alozade, & Mr. Vegas - 'Under Mi Sensei'
10.Clever Lee - 'Lock Down The Door'
11.Bunny General - 'This Is A Song'
12.Assasin - 'Bad Boy'
13.Movado - 'Dreaming'
14.Soulmedic Reality
15.Alaine - 'Pray For You'
16.Bounty - 'High Grade'
17.Buju - 'Running From the Law'
18.Mrs. Thing - 'Fight Over Man'
19.Sizzla - 'Serious Things A Gwaan'
20.Sean Paul - 'She Want It'
21.Sean Paul - 'Life'
22.Munga - 'Bad From Mi Born'
23.Jah Works the Revolutionary Special
24.Notch - 'Bad Mind'
25.Ward 21 - '2000 Gal'
26.Munga - 'Naw Work'
27.Kid Kurupt - 'Chat Chat' (feat. Looga Man)
28.Soulmedic Special
29.Akon - 'Mama Africa'
30.Brick & Lace - 'Bust A Shot'
32.Soulmedic w/ Jahworks the Revolutionary - 'Ganja Youth'
33.Future Fambo - 'Get Drunk With It'
34.Frisco Kid - 'Lippin N Chattin'
35.Wayne Marshall - 'Fly High'
36.Esco - 'No Caine'
37.Leftside - 'Whoah'
38.Mr. Easy - 'Tek Weh Ya Self'
39.Wayne Marshall - 'Astronaut'
40.Soulmedic - 'Rolling Thunder'
41.Vegas - 'Nuh Fight'
42.Red Rat - 'It Good'
43.Future Fambo - 'Nuh Dress Like Man'
44.Terror 3000 - 'All Over Me'
45.Lefty & Kiprich - 'The Tribute'
46.Shelly Thunder - ''The Gospel'
47.Golden Child - 'Can't Fool Gal'
48.Ninjaman - 'The Pastor'
49.Shaggy - 'Church Heathen'
50.Polandus - 'U Dig'
51.Monster Twins - 'Give Her It Good'
52.Red Fox - 'Bad Belly'
53.TOK - 'Full Draw'
55.Mr. Easy - 'Real Top A Top'
56.Mr. Easy - 'Friends'
57.Future Fambo - 'Cry Me A River'
58.Bitty Mclean - 'I've Got Love'
59.Soulmedic - 'No Dreaming Reality' (full length single)

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