DJ Muggs & Planet Asia - Pain Language CD

DJ Muggs & Planet Asia - Pain Language CDDJ Muggs & Planet Asia
Label: Gold Dust Media
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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WOW! This is exactly what Planet Asia needed...a shot in the arm of pure adrenaline from a producer who can put him back on top. No question Muggs is a legend, and his work with Cypress Hill and Wu-members over the years have shot the Soul Assassin into the internationally known arena as a lasting force! Hard production... just that raw and dirty type, help Planet Asia really open up his lyrical arsenal fitting the aggressive nature of each song perfectly throughout the course of Pain Language. I don't think I'm alone when I say that Asia's last album Jewelery Box Sessions was an album I really didn't feel, but Pain Language is on a completely different level, one that I can't even compare to any of his previous releases... it's that good! Featuring B-Real, Sick Jacken, Killah Priest, Prodigal Sun, GZA and more!

1.Sleeper Cell click to listen
2.Pain Language
3.Smoke click to listen
4.9mm (feat. B-Real (Cypress Hill))
5.That's What It Is
6.Black Mask Men
7.Lions In The Forest (feat. B-Real (Cypress Hill)) click to listen
8.Death Frees Every Soul (feat. Sick Jacken)
9.All Hail The King
10.Black Angels (feat. Killah Priest / Cynic / Scratch)
12.Language click to listen
13.Deadly Blades (feat. Prodigal Sunn / Tri State)
14.Hashashins (feat. Turban / Chace Infinite) click to listen
15.Shadows Of Hell
16.Triple Threat (feat. Gza / Chace Infinite) click to listen

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DOPE!!, September 18, 2008
By: Jimmy Powers - See all my reviews

The Track with Sick Jack is Filthy!!!

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