Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox) - Megagraphitti CD

Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox) - Megagraphitti CDVordul Mega (Cannibal Ox)
Label: Green Streets Entertainment
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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As many moved on and gave up hope that there would ever be another full-length Cannibal Ox album, we've still been blessed with the fact that despite claims of a break-up and even rumors of a reunion, both Vordul Mega and Vast Aire have also managed to move on with their fair share of contributions and hit-or-miss solo and side-project releases over the years that followed. I'm not the first person who probably expressed a little disappointment over the release of Mega's 2004 album Revolution of Young Havocs, but I am here to be the first to tell you that Megagraphitti is redemption! It was once reported that one of the reasons for Vordul's scarce appearances in hip hop were due to his battle with clinical depression. But Vordul's head and heart seem to be in the right place now...even showing up for guest spots on Vast Aire's latest projects including Mighty Joseph with Karniege and Deuces Wild. The next logical step was to emerge from the shadows and drop his own Megagraphitti. Deeply personal but never letting you get too close, there are plenty of battle-proof tracks and heavy production from El-P, Sid Roams, and Bronze Nazareth to name a few. Also guest appearances by Billy Woods of SuperChron Flight Brothers, Karniege, Tommy Gunn (of Monsta Island Czars) and of course Vast Aire.

Production: Zach One (tracks 1 & 15), Opto (2), Bond (3, 5 & 8), DJ Marmaduke (4 & 12), Bronze Nazareth (6), Lex Boogie (7), Sid Roams (9), Armyfatigue (10), Ravage (11), El-P (13) and Essex Dogs (14).

1.Stay Concious
2.AK-47 (feat. Vast Aire)
3.Opium Scripts (feat. Billy Woods)
4.Hattori Hanzo
5.Air Battery (feat. Tommy Gunn / Billy Woods)
7.Broken Halo (feat. Invizzible Men / Hi-Coup)
9.In The Mirror (feat. Vast Aire)
12.Peanut Butta Up's
13.Keep Living (feat. Billy Woods)

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AWSOME!!, September 2, 2008
By: AUBENDOZA - See all my reviews

This CD is great. I'd say its one of my fav CD's so far this year. If you like Can Ox or the Reavers or Monster island czars ull dig this album. every song on here is bad ass, no fastforwad or skipping tracks, only rewinding on this one!!! deffinatley worth ur money. go get it!!!

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