Lyrics Born - Variety Show: Season 3 CD

Lyrics Born - Variety Show: Season 3 CDLyrics Born
Year: 2008
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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The third in the series of Lyrics Born's Variety show! A non-stop collection of rare mixes, collaborations from other projects and guest appearances as well exclusive tracks to this release. Longtime fans won't want to miss out, as each Season has been limited and hard to come by as of late! Featuring tracks with Chali 2na, Pigeon John, Tommy Guerro, RJD2, Del, Gift of Gab and more! All collected on one release for your convenience.

2.Lyric Born - 'Do It Up, Do It Big' (feat. Joyo Valarde / Jake One)
3.Macka Dang Dang - 'Stax On The Table (LB What It Look Like?)' (feat. Chali 2na)
4.Tommy Guerrero - 'Let Me In, Let Me Out (Count Remix)' (feat. Lyrics Born)
5.Galactic - 'What U Need' (feat. Lyrics Born)
6.Meow Mix
7.I Like It, I Love It
8.Lyrics Born - 'Cake Walk (Remix)' (feat. The Gift of Gab / Mike Meezy)
9.U2 vs. Lyrics Born - 'Callin' On Sunday (Mash Up)'
10.Lateef -'Badder Than Bad' (feat. Lyrics Born)
11.Lyrics Born - 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah'  (feat. Lateef / Big Cee)
12.RJD2 - 'Have Mercy (Remix)'  (feat. Lyrics Born / Pigeon John)
13.Lyrics Born - 'Hott 2 Deff'  (feat. Chali 2na / Joyo Velarde)
14.Rewards And Consequences
15.It Go
16.This Is What We Fought For?
17.Lyrics Born - 'I'm Just Raw (Re-Opened And Remixed)'  (feat. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien / Pigeon John / Herb Alexander)
18.Shake It Off (HypoKriticaL Remix)

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