Hungry Giant - [under] Mining Skies CD

Hungry Giant - [under] Mining Skies CDHungry Giant
Label: Ponowai Flora
Year: 2008
Price: $8.95
Format: CD

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Late last year we were contacted by Ancient Mith, the owner of the abstract hip hop label Ponowai Flora based out of Denver, Colorado. We picked up some of his label's releases, which included Otem Rellik, Demune and his project with XNDL called Rush YA. Each release was unique in its own way and offered something refreshing to the avant-core genre, something I've not heard done this well since the early Anticon days. With Hungry Giant, the emcee and producer was definitely on to something that would have a little bit more appeal for ''normal'' underground heads... a straight up heavy hitting, traditional yet still unconventional hip hop album that will hopefully start to get people noticing what Ponowai Flora is all about. There might be comparisons to Sage Francis in there somewhere, but you'll always hear somebody try to say that it sounds like something else, while I assure you it is wholly original. Hopefully you'll agree that this is what people back in 1994 thought hip hop was going to sound like in the future.

Produced by Unconventional Science.

1.2:15 click to listen
3.A Cloud's Meditation click to listen
4.Nature's Known
5.Sky Roof
6.Ra Dice
7.When It Runs Out click to listen
8.The Dead Man Shook
9.Constant Elevation click to listen
10.Braetheist click to listen
12.The Rap Game Reminds Me Of Oregon Trail
13.Pre Scribed
14.Early For Mic Check click to listen
15.A Tear Can Travel Far

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