Alias - Resurgam CD

Alias - Resurgam CDAlias
Label: Anticon
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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After a few collaborations, a ''best of'' collection, and continuing to contribute work to artists on his respective Anticon label, Alias returns with his first solo instrumental album in five years! Upon his journey back home to Portland, Maine from Oakland, the former emcee turned strictly producer found fresh air and a fresh start as he entered the creation of Resurgam with an open mind, combining the best of what got him to this point with his music, along with some of the newer experimentation he's delved into over the last few years. From the get-go, the album instantly has your foot tapping and head nodding to beats familiar to us from the Muted era. Midway we're met with the meditative melodic-ness of groups like Boards of Canada. And while I heard rumors there was actually going to be a track in which Alias laid down some lyrics, like his rare turn on only one track off of Brookland/Oaklyn with Tarsier, I was once again left feeling only slightly empty and yet perfectly happy, as the album speaks for itself just fine in the absence of his own words. Slightly more electronic at times than it is hip hop, but the marriage of both has never been executed with such ease and comfort, making this an enjoyable listen even to the haters or Anticon deserters. I would say ''welcome back...'' but I don't think Alias ever left. Featuring Why? and One AM Radio.

1.New To A Few
2.I Heart Drum Machines
3.Well Water Black (feat. Why?)
4.Oakland Morning
5.M.G. Jack
6.Prelude To A Death Watch
7.Death Watch
8.Autumnal Ego
9.Place Of No More Choices
11.The Weathering (feat. The One AM Radio)
13.Oakland In The Rearview

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drum machines, September 2, 2008
By: strikt9 - See all my reviews

This album is proof that no other producer can fuck with alias's drums. peep game. The drums on this album will tear you to shreds.

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