Sontiago - Steel Yourself CD

Sontiago - Steel Yourself CDSontiago
Label: Endemik Music
Year: 2007
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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From Endemik comes Sontiago's Steel Yourself, the official full length follow up to her 2004 debut Abuse My Adoration. Sonya Tomlinson hails from Portland, Maine or a region most popular in underground hip hop for introducing the world to many of the founding members of Anticon. As a female emcee Sontiago ignores all cautions she is faced with in the male dominated hip hop scene, hoping only to create honest and beautiful music as she puts faith in self over fears. Though she draws upon sadness and despair her topical delivery is inspiring as she touches on the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and personal loss with a blues meets Emily Dickinson approach. Named as one of URB's 100 up and coming artists of 2007, the artist also had this to say of the albums title in an ugsmag interview: ''No one knows what is to come in the future and I think the more we ready ourselves emotionally by having this awareness, the better we'll be for it when the unexpected arrives. When Christian Science Monitor reporter, Jill Carroll was kidnapped, her magazine's editor was put in charge of calling her mother to deliver the news. He said, 'Mrs. Carrol - Steel Yourself, your daughter has been kidnapped' I remember reading the words in print in the newspaper, and knew I had my title.'' Featuring an appearance by Bleubird and production from Alias, Maker, Scott Da Ros and more!

2.Faith Not Fear (feat. Dilly Dilly)
3.Potential Paralysis
4.I Spy Fake
5.Crush The Rainbow (feat. Bleubird)
6.Hold On Me
7.Force It
8.Hide And Seek (feat. Dilly Dilly)
9.Come Out On Top
10.Got Me, I Got You (feat. Dilly Dilly)
11.We'll Still Be Here (feat. Dilly Dilly)
12.Old Orleans
13.Meg Perry

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