People Under The Stairs - The Om Years 2xCD

People Under The Stairs - The Om Years 2xCDPeople Under The Stairs
Label: Om Records
Year: 2008
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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Excellent collection of PUTS classics and even a second disc of B-sides, remixes, instrumentals and joints that appeared on other releases! One thing that Double K and Thes One have shown us over the years is that hip hop is still fun no matter what's going on outside of the underground. I haven't disliked a single release from the group and this ''best of'' collection seriously is the very best! A great introduction to the group if you've been living under a rock and just a great release overall - OM really nailed it here!

Open copy, played in our store. Excellent condition. Black line across bar code. Some shelf wear on edges of cover.

Disc 1
2.San Francisco Knights
3.43 Labels I Like
4.Time To Rock Our Shit
5.The Cat
6.We'll Be There
7.Youth Explosion
8.Code Check
9.Give Love a Chance
10.Jappy Jap
11.The Suite for a Beaver Part 1
12.O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack)
13.Empty Bottles of Water
14.The L.A. Song
15.Hang Loose
16.Acid Raindrops
17.The Breakdown
18.Montego Stay
20.Play It Again / Outro
Disc 2
1.Invisible Blunt
3.Tour Guide
4.Schooled in the Trade (Instrumental)
5.Big Daddy Brown
6.Hang Loose Pt. 2
7.Sunroof (Instrumental)
8.The Bomb Combo
9.Afternoon Connection
10.Out Da Club
11.We'll Be There (10 Seconds Remix)

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