Daedelus - Love To Make Music To 2xLP

Daedelus - Love To Make Music To 2xLPDaedelus
Label: Ninja Tune
Year: 2008
Price: $19.95
Format: Vinyl

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It's hard to compare this album to anything Daedelus has done to date... I can only say that he has taken a turn that I did not see coming from a guy whose first fans were grounded mostly in hip hop, thanks in part to his work with Radioinactive and Busdriver on the Weather. But having followed his career and every release in his repertoire, Boom Bip (also a like-minded collaborator) definitely comes to mind when speaking of taking us (the original fans) completely by surprise with an amazing but more electronic offering than anything he's produced in the past. But staying relevant and making sure his albums evolve and never sound the same is a trademark... one where you know it's Daedelus but you're still not entirely sure you understand it. House-hop or Hip-House? Whatever you want to call it... Alfred Darlington clearly wants you to dance. And the build up to this point was inevitable. From the playful title of the album to the heart thumping base, this is hopefully the one that puts a face to the music for some people, and the music on the map for one of the most deserving and brilliant mad-beat-scientists out there.

1.Fair Weather Friends
2.Touchtone (feat. Paperboy / Taz Arnold)
3.Twist The Kids (feat. N-fa)
4.Get Off Your HiHats
5.My Beau (feat. Paperboy / Erika Rose)
6.Make It So (feat. Michael Johnson)
7.Only For The Heartstrings
8.I Car(ry) Us
9.I Took Two
10.Assembly Lines
11.Bass In It (feat. Taz Arnold)
13.If We Should (feat. Laura Darling)
14.Drummery Jam
15.You're The One

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