Optimus Rhymes - The Crooked Album CD

Optimus Rhymes - The Crooked Album CDOptimus Rhymes
Label: Second Hand Productions
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Jedi Knights Circle member Optimus Rhymes drops an official follow up to his 2004 album State of The Art! Taking his Nor-Cal bounce to new heights with his fast spit lyrics while paying homage to Bay Area greats that have paved the way for the sound he's become known for. If you liked what was done on Block Rockers you will definitely dig the vibe on this album, and longtime JKC fans will want to check this out. Featuring an appearance by longtime friend and collaborator Maleko as well as fellow group member Cosmic, who also lays down beats on almost the entire album alongside Optimus. And to all non-fans, think backpackers rapping over straight up g-shit...The Crooked Album is simple, innovative and infectious from beginning to end.

1.The Crooked Intro
2.Hip Hop Radio (feat. Cosmic)
3.Don't Cross That Line
4.American Hype Machine (feat. Maleko)
5.Through My Window
6.Kids These Days
7.The Ozone
8.Ill Minded Mac (Be Yourself Remix)
9.Tropical Soiree (feat. Cosmic)
10.Sick! (feat. Maleko / Vince Vega)

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Crooked indeed!, March 14, 2011
By: AtomCrusher - See all my reviews

Optimus Rhymes cannot disappoint you with this one no matter if you are a long time JKC fan or new to the circle's work.

Forget Blockrockers, this takes it to the next level with sound that resembles the "Rip, Mix, Burn" era on one side and tracks that will remind you about the excellent "Relative" album on the other. You will be pleased in any way, guaranteed!

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