Presto - State of the Art CD

Presto - State of the Art CDPresto
Label: Concrete Grooves
Year: 2008
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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Presto's third full-length album brings us back to that refreshing, soulful, jazzy hip hop that we can all remember, without trying too hard to convince people it was his true intention. Production and beats like this seem to come naturally to the DJ and Producer, its his ear for what sounds good that has attracted such veterans as Large Professor, OC and Sadat X to his music, and not whats supposed to sound ''right.'' Most people had the Culver City, CA native pegged as an East Coast head, but no matter what way you look at it theres no denying his skill, and so far each album can only get better. Also features guest appearances from Blu, Raashan Ahmad, Fat Lip, Trek Life and more! Comes with a DVD that plays the music video for the lead single ''Conquer Mentally.''

2.Conquer Mentally (feat. Sadat X / OC / Large Professor) click to listen
3.Street Sport (feat. Ark (of T Weaponz))
4.Pour Another Glass (feat. Blu) click to listen
5.On  (feat. LOWD)
6.The Pressure (feat. Raashan Ahmad) click to listen
7.Higher (feat. Mhax Montes)
8.Altered States (feat. Wayward Saints)
9.Mass Quality (feat. J Theory)
10.What's What (feat. Fatlip / Kim Hill) click to listen
11.Feel Me (feat. T Weaponz)
12.Part Of Greatness (feat. CL Smooth) click to listen
13.Let It Circulate (feat. Dhurti Whoutr)
14.Plain Jane (feat. Kim Hill)
15.Go  (feat. Trek Life)
16.Still Here (feat. IN-Q)

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