Time Machine - Life Is Expensive CD

Time Machine - Life Is Expensive CDTime Machine
Label: Glow-in-the-Dark Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Emcees Biscuit and Jet Set Jay and DJ/Producer Mekalek have been making a name for themselves over the last few years, playing high profile clubs and bars in both LA and NYC and winning over fans with their seamless set of high energy feel good party jams and comical live performances. However, the east-coast bred, LA-based squad knows that every night has its last call, and that much of life is what happens before doors open the next evening. Elevating this outlook on their new album, Time Machine balances the nocturnal good times with a shrewd awareness of the cost of living in the world today, day-by-day. Featuring high speed production and boasting heavy drums with rich melodies, there is also room on here for more sonic downtempo grooves. If the momentum of their popularity keeps up at this pace, we'll definitely be hearing more from them on a more mainstream platform...and with groups like this, that can be good for the sad state of our commercial scene.

1.In The City of Everything
2.(If You Know What) I Mean
3.The Groove That Just Won't Stop
4.We're Making A Video
5.The Unfortunate Twist
6.Here Comes That Sound
8.Life Is Expensive
9.A Little Dirt Of Your Own
10.Who Cares?
11.Something We're Becoming
12.Survival Kit

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