RZA as Bobby Digital - Digi Snax CD

RZA as Bobby Digital - Digi Snax CDRZA as Bobby Digital
Label: Koch Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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As his alter ego, the ghetto super-hero Bobby Digital, The RZA has collected a fanatical fan base in addition to the legions of Wu-heads world wide that have remained loyal to him over the years. Digi Snacks consists of all-new panoramic productions, along with guest production from David Banner and live instrumentation by Stone Mecca and appearances from various Wu-Tang members and affiliates including Inspectah Deck and Black Knights. This is the fourth official solo album from The RZA and the third under his Bobby Digi moniker.

1.Digi Snax Intro (feat. Understanding)
2.U Can't Stop Me Now (feat. Inspectah Deck)
3.Drama (feat. Monk / Thea van Seijen)
4.Goodnight Kiss
5.Don't Be Afraid to Call My Name
6.Straight Up the Block
7.Booby Traps / Digi Snacks (feat. Dexter Wiggles)
8.Money Don't Own Me (feat. Monk / Stone Mecca)
9.I-Scream (feat. Dexter Wiggles / Crisis)
10.No Regrets
11.Love Is Digi Part II (feat. Kinetic / Crisis)
12.Long Time Coming
14.Try Ya Yi Ya (feat. Thea van Seijen)
15.Creep (feat. Black Knights)

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Delicious! (4 Stars), January 2, 2009
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

"Digi Snacks" marks a significant change in RZA's style. It's quite a bit different than his other offerings as Bobby Digital. And anyone who's been following his recent Wu & non-Wu projects, knows he's up on the experimental tip as of late. With that said, "Digi Snacks" offers some incredible production on what may be his most cohesive Bobby Digital project yet. Where RZA was more "in your face" on his 1998 album, he is decidedly more laid back here. The production is dark & mysterious, as well as head-noddingly gorgeous. In short, this is a some classic RZA material.

While RZA doesn't come as aggressively visceral as he once did, his rhyming style is still very tight and alluring. I'm really digging his lyrical content too. To me, he's making all the right moves with this album. However, there is one track that I constantly skip, and it is a notable slip-up. "Straight Up The Block" featuring David Banner is pure trash in my opinion. Banner doesn't do anything but ruin this track, and his contributed production is actually fairly weak as well. It's a little disappointing considering this is the first single on the album, and it's the only wack joint on the CD. It's actually a deterrent for those that learn about new projects from the radio. Thankfully, that is the only real blemish on the entire album despite a couple semi-forgettable (though not bad) cuts. My top picks are "Long Time Coming", "You Can't Stop Me Now", "Try Ya Ya Ya", "Money Don't Own Me", "Creep", & "Drama". Highly recommended material.

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