Motive (Demigodz) - Mo-llinium CD+DVD

Motive (Demigodz) - Mo-llinium CD+DVDMotive (Demigodz)
Label: Authentic Music Entertainment
Year: 2008
Price: $11.95
Format: CD+DVD

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Emerging from deep within the ranks of the Demigodz camp, Motive brings on real street-wise lyrics and a hardcore approach after having appeared on many of his fellow members past releases! The Take Over Begins, is a 24 track official mix album featuring original production from Apathy and Chum the Skrilla Guerilla, with appearances by Celph Titled, Southpaw Jones, Emilio Lopez and more! The DVD content on the release includes behind the scenes footage and music videos for some of the tracks contained on the mixtape.

Disc 1
1.Takeover Begins Intro (feat. Apathy)
2.The Bullshit Stops Now
3.The Year of the God
4.This Is Easy (feat. Apathy / Emilio Lopez)
5.I Need A DR Chick
6.Kill the Talk (feat. Big Hoot)
7.Lil Homie
8.Back on the Block (feat. Southpaw Jones)
9.Pop Goes the Eagle (feat. Celph Titled)
10.Dirtyworkin Doeraker (feat. Dose / Prem)
11.Real Live Ho Skit
12.Damn Ma
13.Motive and A.P. (feat. Apathy)
14.Mo Cream (feat. Emilio Lopez)
15.Let It Be Known
16.Rep Ya Click (feat. Emilio Lopez / Southpaw Jones)
17.I Got This
18.This Is Our Season (feat. Dirty German / Emilio Lopez / Pacaso / Southpaw Jones)
19.Hustlin (feat. Gillian / Rochelle)
20.Doerakers Check (Cake Mix) (feat. Apathy)
21.Take That (Classic Mix) (feat. Drama)
23.Clap (Scenario Remix) (feat. The Demigodz)
24.Laugh About It (feat. Celph Titled / Southpaw Jones)
Disc 2

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