Blue Sky Black Death - Late Night Cinema CD

Blue Sky Black Death - Late Night Cinema CDBlue Sky Black Death
Label: Babygrande Records
Year: 2008
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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The renowned production duo composed of Kingston and Young God have answered fan prayers with their first fully instrumental release since arriving on the scene with the critically acclaimed A Heap Of Broken Images on Mush Records back in 2006! Said release, if you remember, was a double feature, with the first disc showcasing their Endtroducing-like ear for beautiful and thought provoking instrumentals and the second laying down artist appropriate beats for a host of MCs. Next they teamed up with the Wu's only West Coast affiliate, Holocaust, followed by their collaboration with Sunz of Man's Hell Razah on ''Razah's Ladder.'' Now, after a long wait and by popular demand, Late Night Cinema proves that once again these guys can do no wrong! Gorgeous (yes I said it...gorgeous!) instrumental hip hop bliss. Just the type of heavy and cinematic tone listeners have been waiting for. Dark and eerie with lots of haunting voice samples in the background, movie-like violins, bass shattering percussion, unpredictable drum patterns and mid-song beat changes make this one an instant classic!

1.The Era When We Sang click to listen
2.Lord Of Our Vice
3.Ghosts Among Men  click to listen
4.A Private Death
5.Shoot You Dead click to listen
6.Listen Child
7.My Work Will Be Done
8.Forgive Me  click to listen
9.Different Hours
10.All The Is Bad Again  click to listen
11.Legacy To Fuel  click to listen

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