Little Vic - Each Dawn I Die CD

Little Vic - Each Dawn I Die CDLittle Vic
Label: Orena Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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From Long Island comes Little Vic! Notice it's ''little'' and not ''lil'', it is a nickname he took after his grandfather and out of respect for his long bloodline in music. Slowly rising in the competitive New York scene, Vic has made the right connections to be sure, but this is also due to his talent as an emcee, making the rounds in the mixtape circuit with notable players including DJ Eclipse, DJ Whoo Kidd and his own brother JohnJohn. This impressive debut (a bit long for an EP) pits the aspiring rapper against the challenge of bringing real hip hop back to the surface in the city of its birthplace, where it is now shrouded by a sea of fakes. The battle is slow, but gaining ground with releases like Each Dawn I Die. Featuring a guest appearance with Kool G. Rap, and produced tracks by DJ Premier and Buckwild!

1.Each Dawn I Die
2.It's My Turn
3.The Evil That Men Do
4.Dying Slowly
5.This Is What It Sounds Like
6.Love Hurts
7.The Exorcist
8.After All I've Done
9.Caked Up (feat. Kool G Rap)
10.Sister Morphine
11.Carry The Weight

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Little Vic "each dawn I die", April 13, 2008
By: Klide - See all my reviews

Some real Bangers on this CD. Evil that men do, Its my turn, Sister Morphine, Cool G Rap and Little Vic on Caked up track... Great personal favorite.... Sister morphine... Sick..... Storyline in "Evil men do" right out of Casino

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