TOPR (Top Ramen) - The Marathon of Shame CD+DVD

TOPR (Top Ramen) - The Marathon of Shame CD+DVDTOPR (Top Ramen)
Label: 2B1
Year: 2008
Price: $12.95
Format: CD+DVD

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Slowly gaining a loyal cult following, Top Ramen returns to prove that his funny-style rhymes aren't all jokes! He's a serious emcee with serious skill, and while people may not be familiar with him yet (his hiatus didn't help) he's got fans in underground scenes of all indie music other than hip hop, as the Gurp City and Lords graf crew member has attracted skaters, punks and even metal heads to sit down and laugh at a guy who pretends not to take himself too seriously. By refocusing his kind of stand-up-comedian rap on topics that don't always focus on making fun of himself for change, Marathon of Shame challenges everyday life, challenges underground rappers and still comes out on top as a dope battle album without feeling like it was done for the sake of making you laugh. Excellent production and a whole new side to the sorely slept on artist.

Disc 1
1.Frankenstein's Topster
2.Welcome To My Mind
3.Any Day
4.Siren Song
5.The Name Game (feat. Foul Mouth Jerk)
7.New Kicks (feat. Conceit / BOAC)
8.Abandoned Buildings
9.Danny Glover
11.Pleasant Dreams
12.Grindhouse (feat. Z-Man)
13.My Autograph
14.Skills On The Microphone (feat. Eddie K / Luke Sick)
15.Here's To You
Disc 2

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Amazing Cd, May 14, 2008
By: Dr. Kris Knacker - See all my reviews

Beginning to end, this is an outstanding collection of tracks. Dick Nasty's production is top notch, toprs lyrics are crisp, hard, and all around really well done. Not one track will need to be skipped, and the guest spots are always nice...luke sick, eddie k, boac, conceit, and foul mouth jerk. The dvd is really well done as well. (great party that night)


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