Odd Nosdam - Pretty Swell Explode 2xCD

Odd Nosdam - Pretty Swell Explode 2xCDOdd Nosdam
Label: Anticon
Year: 2008
Price: $16.95
Format: CD

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As it was done for Alias with Collected Remixes, Anticon's oddest producer Odd Nosdam gets a better than ''best of'' treatment with Pretty Swell Explode. A collection of b-sides, remixes done for others and exclusives! The sonic, atmospheric, lo-fi beatsmith has been a mainstay over the years and this album is proof of his range as he provides his unique style to remixes unrecognizable to their original counterparts for the likes of Boards of Canada, Thee More Shallows, Alias and Tarsier among others. Featuring appearances and contributions for this release by Jel, Dax, Why? and Jessica Bailiff. If you're into this stuff I highly recommend you pick it up, because it can be hard tracking down the original releases where some of these tracks have appeared.

Disc 1
1.Untitled Three (JB's OG Mix)
2.Don't Come Down Here (blasted remix)
3.Freshman Remix
4.D C (bit)
5.Hollow Me
6.No Good (nosdam's Dub)
7.(growin up in the Hood) Four Thousand Style
8.Wreck Time
9.Ligaya (remix)
10.Untitled Sketch (feat. Jessica Bailiff)
11.Forever Heavy (shoegangster/JB remix)
Disc 2
2.Perfectly Pink Path (for Dax)
3.My Prayer Rug
4.Bear Hug
5.Dayvan Cowboy (remix)

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