Prolyphic & Reanimator - The Ugly Truth CD

Prolyphic & Reanimator - The Ugly Truth CDProlyphic & Reanimator
Label: Strange Famous Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Strange Famous Records branches out to become a full-fledged music label that will now sign and release new artists and groups starting with Prolyphic and Reanimator's The Ugly Truth. Prolyphic hails from label owner Sage Francis' hometown of Providence, Rhode Island with his longtime collaborator and producer Reanimator from Chicago. This handpicked duo has turned out to be just the right combination as Prolyphic delivers powerful rhymes over Reanimator's heavily layered beats. If you're a fan of Galapogos4 stuff, Glue or Anticon's earlier releases, this one won't disappoint!

1.99 Bottles click to listen
2.Born Alone
3.Artist Goes Pop click to listen
4.Dick & Jane (feat. Macromantics)
6.Survive Another Winter (feat. B. Dolan / Alias / Sage Francis) click to listen
7.Way That I See It
8.Ugly Truth
9.Box Within A Box
10.On The Side
11.Slow To Get Up click to listen
12.Two Track Mind
13.Easier Said
14.Sleeping Dogs Lie
15.Palying With Old Flames click to listen

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4 Stars (Solid), August 13, 2008
By: MSarabia1036 - See all my reviews

Pros: Prolyphic is tight on the mic. Reanimator is amazing on production, it's different and I love it. No guests (beside 2 tracks were they're required). Cohesive sound.

Cons: Prolyphic is a cranky rapper, but if you hear him out you'll see why.

Overall: This album came out of nowhere and its quite great! Prolyphic is great on the mic and raps about the negative side of everything, thus the title. Prolyphic is just really fresh and has a great delivery. He manages to make this album just great overall with his lyrical presence. Probably the only con I have against Prolyphic are his cranky lyrics, but he gives you reasons why hes cranky; example Common (Mr. Gap Sweaters) and NaS (Mr. Hip Hop is Dead). The producer, Reanimator, is quiet a character. His beats are just a blast! I really love how he "reanimates" every beat on here. Its always giving a different, dark, vibe through out the entire album. The two come together naturally, you can tell that nothing is forced on here. This album makes me reminisce off last years Blu and Exile album, of two guys getting together and making a dope album, doing it 50/50. Just coming out of nowhere and making a great overall album. Hopefully this is one of many albums from the duo, hip hop can always use dope lyricist and beat makers that work together. This is going to be one of this year's best!

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