James Pants - Welcome CD

James Pants - Welcome CDJames Pants
Label: Stones Throw Records
Year: 2008
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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Remember the type of talk and buzz that surrounded RJD2 a few years back? The same can be said now for Stones Throw's latest signing, James Pants. With a flare for all things retro and electro, the up and coming producer gets his shot at a full-length after months of strategically released singles and side projects that only teased and added to the hype surrounding him. If you picked up his super spaced out mix Ice Castles, you'll recognize much of the inspiration behind his unique sound. I was completely surprised to see that the whole album was very well balanced and easy to get into, thinking at first that it might come off a little too leftfield. The best way to describe Welcome is to say that it is so corny its cool. How he's managed to capture the sound of decades past is beyond me...along with all the electro-boogie and synth stuff there is plenty of heavy electronic and psychedelic funk to go around. This is the start to what will become a long and successful career for James Pants, and it'll be interesting to see how he goes with the flow, because I don't want him to catch up to the present or come back from whatever planet he's on. Comes with a free and limited all-new fan club 45 with two exclusive tracks!

1.Theme From Paris
3.Crystal Lite (feat. Deon Davis)
4.Cosmic Rapp
5.We're Through
6.My Tree
7.My Girl
8.Prayers of the People
9.Good Things
10.I Choose You
11.Green Rivers
12.Finger on the Knife
13.Voodoo Caves
14.Ka$h (feat. Deon Davis)
15.You're the One (feat. Gary Davis)
16.Shower Party

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