Gajah (Acid Reign) - Hair Off My Chest CDR

Gajah (Acid Reign) - Hair Off My Chest CDRGajah (Acid Reign)
Label: Fathomless Music
Year: 2007
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Format: CDR

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All new solo album from Gajah of Acid Reign recorded between October of 2004 to December of '06! If you ask me Ready Yet? was one of the most groundbreaking albums of 2003, so jog your memory for a minute and throw that one back in rotation, you'll want to after hearing Hair Off My Chest! And while their 2006 album Time and Change was a much more accessible release, here Gajah returns to their more experimental roots. Heavy beats and heavy content, these guys can do no wrong and Gajah proves that you can have the best of both worlds here, whether its more straightforward or a little abstract. Featuring an appearances by Beond and DJ Ethos with production from Kenny Segal, Re.4m, Biz One and more. Highly recommend!

Track 1 Produced by Denier. Tracks 2 and 12 Produced by Dert. Tracks 3-5,7,10,13 and 14 Produced by Adamatic. Track 6 Produced by Equainox. Track 8 Produced by Kenny Segal. Track 9 Produced by Biz One. Track 11 Produced by Re.4m. Cuts on tracks 3 and 11 by DJ Ethos. Cover art and layout by Neo Judas. Mastered by Jizzm ''High Definition''

1.Shaving Kit
2.Seizure Spoon click to listen
3.Messageboard Junkies (feat. Beond (Acid Reign)) click to listen
4.Thank You Ms. Ian
5.Harry Shoeman
7.Law Vs. Medicine
8.Breakable click to listen
9.Nature's Last Performance
10.Room To Breathe
11.Scaremonger click to listen
12.The Voice of Justice (feat. Olmeca / Nite-n-Day)
13.Last Haricut  click to listen
14.Flaws of Man (Bonus Track)

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