CRAC (Blu & Ta'Raach) - The Piece Talks CD

CRAC (Blu & Ta'Raach) - The Piece Talks CDCRAC (Blu & Ta'Raach)
Label: Tres Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Rumors have it that a little known emcee by the name of Blu was becoming increasingly impatient with Sound In Color, the label responsible for releasing Below the Heavens with Exile, which had a single out almost a year and a half before the drop date. As the politics of what was happening behind the scenes still remain a mystery, after much delay the Blu & Exile album arrived to sea of critical acclaim and was one of the most talked about hip hop releases of 2007! But in the time it took for all of that to finally come together, Blu was already seeking out another label with an all new project, a collaboration with Detroit mc/producer Ta'Raach! C.R.A.C Knuckles is the first in what we hope will be a long line of many more releases to come.

1.What Up (Part 2)
2.Buy Me Lunch
3.Love Don't
4.Major Way
5.Activate (Too...)
8.Pop Dem Boyz
10.Mr. Big Fizz
14.Activate (As Well)

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"Cocky, Flashy, Arrogant as Fu**" (4 Stars), May 6, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

C.R.A.C. is a duo comprised of Blu & Ta'Raach. Blu has garnered an unprecedented amount of respect in the passing year with his part in the critically acclaimed album "Below The Heavens" with producer Exile. He was definitely the most beloved rookie of 2007 in underground circles. The two albums couldn't be more dissimilar. Ta'Raach hails from Detroit, and has worked with artists like J Dilla, Wale Oyejide & Waajeed. He's the producer and a rapper here. And you can hear the experimental stylings of J Dilla seeping through the cracks. Together, these two make some very interesting, yet banging material. Both are excellent lyricists. The vibe is cocky & pretentious, as Blu & Ta'Raach boast a fresh angle in the evolution of hip-hop.

This album is definitely somewhat scattershot, and lacks focus. But there are some seriously dope cuts in the mix. "Love Don't" is definitely my favorite. Everything from the production, hooks, chorus & lyrics shouts quality. "Major Way" boasts that arrogant style quite well with excellent lyricism. "Respect" bangs with a dope string-laced beat. Blu shines nicely here. "Pop dem Boyz" & "02.16.05" are equally impressive. "Mr. Big Fizz" is also one of my favorites. Excellent braggadocio here. "Chill" is short & sweet. Makes me want more. "Crachause" is an excellent instrumental/spoken word piece with dope, smoked-out vibes. "Bullet Through Me" is a decent tune. It sort of sounds like Ween (the whole album is similar to a Ween affair, actually).

Now onto the skippable material. There is plenty, really. The instrumental "Buy Me Lunch" that opens the album (after the intro) is a bit weak to me, and fails to grab the listeners attention. "Go!" has some nice production, but is ultimately forgettable. "Credits" is also forgettable, even if the production is nice. Aside from the intro, "Activate (Too...)", "Hello!", "Activate (As Well)", "Cotton" are all skits/interludes and don't add to the album greatly.

Overall, even though the album is a bit uneven, it definitely has a decent amount of replay value. The standouts on the album are excellent, which are some of the best cuts I've heard all year long. My only complaint is that they didn't keep it focused like these particular 9 standouts. The album could have been a stronger more cohesive listen. In the end, I find that to be a minor complaint. Blu & Ta'Raach come through with a quality release for 2008.

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