Various Artists - Fallin Off the Reel II 2xLP

Various Artists - Fallin Off the Reel II 2xLPVarious Artists
Label: Truth & Soul Records
Year: 2008
Price: $25.95
Format: Vinyl

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Truth & Soul presents the second volume of their singles collection Fallin Off The Reel. The label has been consistently releasing limited edition 45 singles, and almost never exceeding 2000 copies pressed. Vol.2 has every Truth & Soul 45 single presented in chronological order from 2006 until now, including one unreleased bonus track. With offerings from El Michels Affair with Raekwon, Bronx River Parkway, Lee Fields, Quincy Bright, Black Velvet, Tyrone Ashley & Funky Music Machine, Timothy McNealy, and more!

1.Quincy Bright - 'Call it Static'
2.Bama & the Family - 'Feeling Good'
3.Bronx River Parkway - 'Deixa Pra La'
4.Timothy McNealy - 'Easy, Easy, Easy'
5.Lee Fields & the Expressions - 'Do You Love Me'
6.Lee Fields & the Expressions - 'Honey Dove'
7.El Michels Affair - 'Behind the Blue Curtains'
8.The Expressions - 'These Moments'
9.The Expressions - 'Money is King'
10.El Michels Affair - 'C.R.E.A.M.'
11.Funky Music Machine - 'Gotta Clean up the World'
12.The Evil Ds - 'So Glad'
13.The Evil Ds - 'Sweet as can Be'
14.Funky Music Machine - 'Untitled'
15.Bronx River Parkway - 'La Valla'
16.Bronx River Parkway - 'Nora Se Va'
17.Funky Music Machine - 'Just a Little While Longer'
18.Black Velvet - 'An Earthquake's Coming'
19.Black Velvet - 'Is it Me You Really Love'
20.Quincy Bright - 'Phil My Don'
21.El Michels Affair - 'Bumpy's Lament'
22.El Michels Affair - 'A Little Sloppy'
23.Lee Fields & The Expressions - 'My World'
24.Lee Fields & The Expressions - 'Love Comes & Goes'
25.Bronx River Parkway - 'Agua Con Sal'
26.Timothy McNealy - 'I'm So Glad You're Mine'
27.The Fabulous Three - 'Odyssey Revised'

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