Apakalypse - Walking Coma CD

Apakalypse - Walking Coma CDApakalypse
Label: Nod Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Accept no substitutions, this is quite possibly one of the best ''true'' hardcore releases we've heard in a long time, both a mental and physical beatdown, production-wise and lyrically! Apakalypse is a ''take-no-prisoners'' ready-for-battle emcee, and its not since I first was introduced to the Wu almost 15 years ago now that I have ever heard such a raw spirit murder (almost literally) every track on an entire album. Carrying around only his fists and a guilty conscious, the Miami native has no regrets as he spits about the real life horrors of the streets and the haunting consequences that come with it. EDK's beats perfectly compliment the gritty imagery and send us straight into the mind of an unstable, hallucinating manic depressive, where no topic goes untouched. From nightmarish visions of war, drugs, sex, random acts of violence and religion to an oppressive society and failed system of government in a world where only the inhabitants of the streets will be ready to rise against it all. If we are to believe that we are living in the last days, then Walking Coma is a product of some of the darkest corners of the imagination, where fear and paranoia are combated with violent aggression. This album is a throwback to the heavy boom-bap of the early 90's and on the forefront of a new era in hardcore hip hop from Nod Records. We are now eagerly anticipating all future releases from the artists on this label! All heat and no gimmicks!!!

Produced by EDK Beats

1.Walking Coma click to listen
3.Naked God click to listen
4.Num click to listen
5.Cobra Commander
6.I Got Shit On Lock
7.Hard 2 Explain click to listen
8.Who Is That Dude?
9.Master Manipulator click to listen
10.Real Life Shit
11.Outro (Bonus Track)

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Best beats with a lyrical genius at work!!!!, March 9, 2008
By: ds123zz - See all my reviews

This album is a compilation of some of the badest sickest beats with lyrics that are nothing short of a lyrical genius a powerhouse with words and this album you cant's stop listening to it at same time it leaves you wanting more amd more.. I love it!! I can't wait to see what they come up with next. peace

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