Sunspot ft Living Legends - The Underworld CD

Sunspot ft Living Legends - The Underworld CDSunspot ft Living Legends
Label: Outhouse Records
Year: 2000
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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If you're a fan of the stuff like Four Track Avengers, the UHB series and the like, you'll certainly enjoy this album.
A message from Sunspot: 'This is a collection of songs recorded when we first met a few years ago. This was before Children ov the Night, 4001, Don't Talk To Me, or F'Real came out. It was the birth of the Living Legends, but at first we were called The Underworld. We made all these songs on a dinky ass four track that ended up breaking in the end. When we finally got our four track fixed we had already lost most of the master tapes on some high shit. You know how that works, but this was always some dope shit, so we're giving it to you as is. I hope you like it - four track is king!'

Produced and compiled by Sunspot Jonz. Written by everyone.

1.Mystik Journeymen - 'Sunshine'
2.Eclipse 427 - 'Radio Shack Mic'
3.4T / Jay, Luckyiam (PSC), BFAP, DJ MF, The Grouch & Murs - 'Animal Instinct'
5.Arata, Bas 1, BFAP, The Grouch & Luckyiam (PSC) - 'City ov Glass'
6.Mystik Journeymen - 'Starship Troopers'
7.DJ MF - 'Hi'
8.Bas 1, Eclipse 427, Luckyiam (PSC) & Dusty Black - 'Insecticide'
9.Arata & Dusty Black - 'Desperado'
10.The Grouch, BFAP, Luckyiam (PSC) & Krewcial - '1 Step B-yond'
11.Luckyiam (PSC) - 'ZZZZ'
12.Eclipse 427 & BFAP - 'Stand Up'
13.Dusty Black, Bas 1 & Luckyiam (PSC) - 'Blackheart'

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