The Dino-5 - Baby Loves Hip Hop CD

The Dino-5 - Baby Loves Hip Hop CDThe Dino-5
Label: Baby Loves Music
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Always pinned the odd man out for some of the most bizarre projects and collaborations ever, producer Prince Paul teams up with some of Hip Hop's most celebrated mc's to create a prehistoric musical masterpiece. Part audio book on tape (narrated by Grammy winning poet Ursula Rucker), part Broadway Show (recently optioned by Chris Rock), the CD takes kids and parents on a musical journey that tells the story of five best-dino-friends who come together to teach key life lessons and have fun. Featuring Chali Tuna as MC T-Rex, Ladybug Mecca as Tracy Triceratops, Scratch (of The Roots) as TEO Pterodactyl, Wordsworth as Billy Brontosaurs and Prince Paul himself as DJ Stegosaurus. So strange it has to be heard...but if you've got kids and you want to introduce them to hip hop in a more friendly manner, pick this up and stop letting them watch Hip Hop Harry.

1.Dino 5 Theme
2.Story Part 1: Pick Out a Book
3.I May Be Big and Scary (But I'm Really Pretty Nice)
4.Story Part 2: At the Playground
5.Yeah, Me Too
6.Story Part 3: Back to His Buddies
7.Tell Me More
8.Story Part 4: Play Date
9.Thats Funny
10.Story Part 5: Basement Jams
12.Story Part 6: Night Turns Day
13.What About Ten?
14.Story Part 7: Talent Show
15.Dino 5 Theme (Long Play)
16.Teo, Start It Off
17.Sometimes I Like to Scream
18.Story Part 8: Burp-Talking Dino Wins
19.Glad That We Came, Now We Have to Go
20.Story Part 9: Good Night, Momma

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Truly for the chillen, July 31, 2008
By: mr.neezie - See all my reviews

From the man that brought you "3 Ft. High and Rising," "Gravediggaz," "Psychoanalysis," "Prince of Thieves" and countless other releases that "pushed the hip hop envelope," comes the Dino 5, a story booked journey (complete with beats and rhymes) to a prehistoric world where young, talking dinosaurs band together to form a hip hop group. The lyrics and beats were masterfully crafted to appeal to preschool listeners, yet remain sophisticated enough for older heads. If the rumors are true that plans are being made to put this concept on Broadway, its not hard to tell why. The music and theme of the album are coherent enough to see the play unfold in your head as if it were right before your eyes. You may not be inclined to bump this in your ride while hitting the nearby cruise spots, but if you have any youngsters in your family that you hang around from time to time, feel free to drop this one in your stereo without any guilt at all.

I'm just waiting for the big book to be released and packaged with the cd. Now that would be killer.


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