Dday One - Heavy Migration 2xLP

Dday One - Heavy Migration 2xLPDday One
Label: Content (L)abel
Year: 2008
Price: $15.95
Format: Vinyl

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The very essence of great instrumental hip hop albums should revolve heavily around two things...heavy drums and beautiful samples. Lately, instrumental heads have held in high regards labels like Bully, no doubt due to their knack for handpicking amazing DJ's and producers for a series of limited edition releases from the likes of Sixtoo, Maker, DJ Signify, Joe Beats and more. That said, it's time we stop drooling over the next Bully release and take note of Dday One, whose last LP, Loop Extensions, went from highly unknown, to heavily slept on, as it is now a much sought after item. If you missed releases like the Signal Path LP, it's time to wake up...Dday has arrived! Picking up the pace on the beats here, unlike his previous down-tempo heroin coma tracks, there is still plenty of head-nodding happening here. Do not sleep!

1.Terminal 86 / Making the Transition
2.From Heritage
3.Omega Point
4.At the Village Gate
5.Burning Alone
6.Litany #4
7.Minimal Remnant
8.Dying Heart
9.Price of Freedom
10.Closing In
11.One Giant Step
12.It's Just a Playground

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