Edo G & Da Bulldogs - Life of a Kid in Ghetto 2xCD

Edo G & Da Bulldogs - Life of a Kid in Ghetto 2xCDEdo G & Da Bulldogs
Label: Direct Records
Year: 2008
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Boston native Edo G (Edward Anderson) and Da Bulldogs broke into the international hip hop scene in 1991 with the release of their debut album Life Of A Kid In The Ghetto, and after several successful singles were released from this first album including the party anthem ''I Got To Have It,'' which went to #1 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles Chart and on the Yo! MTV Raps countdown, Edo still struggled to achieve breaking the surface of the underground and reaching classic status over the years. Now for the first time ever Edo, longtime friend and producer Joe Manfield (Vinyl Reanimators) and Direct Records present the ultimate companion set to this long lost album! A double disc set featuring 28 never before heard tracks, alllifted from the original demo recording sessions. Included are alternative versions of the popular singles ''I Got To Have It'' and ''Be A Father To Your Child'' as well as the demo ''Feel Like A Nut'', the song that Mansfield says got them their deal in the industry to begin with. Classic early 90s boom bap, intelligent and witty word play, plus unheard guest shots from The Blastmaster KRS-One, Boston rhyme criminal Scientifik, and Da Bulldogs make this collection a must-have for any fan of the golden era days of hip hop.

Disc 1
1.I Got To Have It (Original Demo Version)
2.I'm Different (Original Demo Version)
3.Feel Like A Nut (Original Demo Version)
4.She Said It Was Great (Original Demo Version)
5.Be A Father To Your Child (Interlude)
6.Do What I Wanna Do
7.Brand New Style
8.Me And You Girl
9.Funk Like You
10.Can Ya Feel It
11.Punk Like You #2
12.I Love My Mother
13.A N***a You Can't F**k With (feat. Scientifik / Herb / Smit)
14.Funky Style
Disc 2
1.Now It's Supposed To Be (feat. KRS One)
2.Fight With Your Words
3.Stay Funky
4.You Got That
5.Stay Funky #2
6.What Up
7.Me And You Girl #2
8.Check Out The Beat
9.I Don't Play Around
10.Why It Gotta Be Like That
11.You Got Dat
12.Why It Gotta Be Like That #2
13.Red Partner
14.Call Me Conceited

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