Opio - Vulture's Wisdom vol. 1 CD+DVD

Opio - Vulture's Wisdom vol. 1 CD+DVDOpio
Label: Hieroglyphics Imperium
Year: 2008
Price: $12.95
Format: CD+DVD

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Opio and the producing talents of Architect combine for the limited CD plus DVD edition of Vulture's Wisdom Volume 1, with Volume 2 expected for a later release (probably next year)! Or at least when Opio finds time to on his busy tour schedule to give us another proper release... and that's exactly what this is! Coming from one of the strongest lyricists in the Hiero camp and set to Architect's beats, helped make this quite a trip back for me personally, capturing some of the old Souls of Mischief days, just as Del's Eleventh Hour brought me even further back to I Wish My Brother George Was Here. This is a strong year for Hiero and further solidifies their niche in hip hop, forever here to stay. By the way...we've been bumping this every day at the shop! The dvd portion of this release features videos for almost every track plus interludes.

Produced by Architect

Disc 1
1.Guilty As Charged click to listen
2.On The Outside Lookin' In
3.Some Superfly Shit
4.Chaotic Erotic click to listen
5.About Love
6.Don Julio
7.Stop The Press click to listen
8.To The People
9.Vice Versa click to listen
10.Original Lyricist
11.Cali Girls
12.I Need A Money Tree
13.The Prize click to listen
14.With Or Without You
Disc 2
1.DVD Intro
2.Guilty As Charged
3.Some Superfly Shit
4.Interlude 1
5.Don Julio
6.Stop The Press
7.Interlude 2
8.To The People
9.Original Lyricist
10.Interlude 3
11.The Prize

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album of the year, September 20, 2008
By: twisted_harmonix - See all my reviews

this is my pick for album of the year, hands down. opio brought it all on this one. a phenomenal album front to back with some insane flows. also- raw beats from the architect knock hard and flow perfectly from one joint to the next. the dvd is icing on the cake and has some sick videos of almost all the tracks on the album.

HEAT, September 2, 2008
By: AUBENDOZA - See all my reviews

this album is great great. great beats and great rhymes. this is another one u can play all the way thru w/o having to skip tracks or anything. constant heat. only song that is kinda weak is Cali girls, but it isnt that bad either.
ive been bumping this everyday since it came out and it hasnt gotten old yet. Cant wait for the rest of them to come out^^ this is some raw hip hop. the real deal.
go pik this album up!!!

go go Opio^^

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