Peanut Butter Wolf - Ladies First CD

Peanut Butter Wolf - Ladies First CDPeanut Butter Wolf
Label: Stones Throw Records
Year: 2008
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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Cause nobody does it better than PBW! A dope mix fresh off a set he's experimenting with on tour, featuring ladies only cuts ranging anywhere from 80's and 90's hip hop to house and Miami bass! A rare and funky collection served up like no one else featuring tracks by Roxanne Shante, Heather B, Queen Lisa Lee, MC Shay, Roxy and much much more!

1.Anquette - 'Freestyle Reppin'
2.Peaches & Cream - 'Fresh'
3.Missy Mist - 'Make It Mellow'
4.MC Shay - 'Brothers Be Trippin'
5.M & M - 'Get Off Your Butt'
6.Loftis - 'Break' (feat. Miss T.)
7.Diva - 'Get Up'
8.Oaktown 3-5-7 - 'Juicy Gotcha Crazy'
9.Fresh To Rock - 'Get On Down'
10.Wink D - 'Get Busy'
11.Too Badd - 'Cummin' Up'
12.The Fresh Girls - 'I See Your Boyfriend'
13.If Looks Could Kill - 'Coochie Diggin'
14.Total Control - 'Drop It'
15.Roxanne Shante - 'Wack It'
16.Undercover Lovers - 'Fake Fly Guys'
17.L.A. Star - 'L.A. Gear'
18.Jazzi Love - 'The Real Queen Of Rap'
19.Queen Lisa Lee - 'I'm The Pioneer'
20.The Krush Kreators & Mike D - 'Girls Do It 2'
21.D.W. & Party Crew - 'Roxy' (feat. Roxy)
22.J.J. Fad - 'Another Tramp'
23.All Ready Fresh ''2'' - 'Sucker Butts'
24.Out Cold Crew - 'Bustin' Fresh'
25.Nina Hill - 'Life Of An MC'
26.Ladi Luv - 'A Step Up Above'
27.The Mistress & DJ Madame E - 'Let It Go'
28.Ms. Melodie - 'Roll On Over'
29.Monie Love - 'R U Single'
30.Heather B - 'I Get Wreck'

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