Manchromatic - Union Yes CD

Manchromatic - Union Yes CDManchromatic
Label: Manchromatic
Year: 2008
Price: $7.95
Format: CD

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This is the kind of release that embodies everything I love about underground hip hop! For its individuality, for its non-conformist attitude, to the heavily layered production and varying lyrical subject range...The Albuquerque based label Manchromatic consists of a collective of extremely gifted and talented emcees, DJ's, producers, graff-writers and b-boys who have been doing this for a long time. Union Yes is an album dedicated to those in the underground that didn't make it, those who have encountered the ills of the industry, and to the true forms of hip hop that refuse to be taken over for monetary purposes that benefit only the greedy. With its focus mainly on members HDS (pronounced hideous), IBI, and PHD, there are also appearances by and contributions from Greybeard, RW and P38! In the struggle just to be heard in the ever changing underground scene, and avoiding all the trends...this has become a labor of love for many...perhaps the title and cover image suggests that we unionize this labor of love before the art-form is truly lost. For fans of the Shapeshifters, Anticon, Def Jux and all related material for that matter. Highly recommend!

1,2, and 6-10 Produced by IBI. Tracks 3,4 and 12 Produced by HDS. Track 5 Produced by Abomination. Track 13 Produced by P38. All cuts and scratches by IBI, except on track 13 all cuts and scratches performed by P38.

1.HDS/PHD - 'After Death' click to listen
2.HDS/PHD - 'Rendered Slave'
3.HDS/PHD - 'Grassy Knoll
4.HDS/Greybeard - 'AiDS Monkey'  click to listen
5.Abomination - 'Radiation Sickness'
6.HDS/PHD - 'Skate and Destroy' click to listen
7.HDS/PHD - 'Hell Beat'
8.HDS/PHD - 'DLMFS' click to listen
9.HDS/PHD - 'Calamity Jane'
10.Greybeard - 'Aqua Dub' click to listen
11.Greybeard - 'Beef City'
12.Amen/Sofa - 'Lifers'
13.RW - 'Runaway Violin'  click to listen

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