Kenny Segal (Proj.Blowed) - Ken Can Cook CD

Kenny Segal (Proj.Blowed) - Ken Can Cook CDKenny Segal (Proj.Blowed)
Label: Decon
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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One of our first favorite releases of the New Year! As Blowedians rip over track after track, Kenny Segal Can Definitely Cook! Excellent production from beginning to end, with something different offered on every track beat-wise, and guests that add the proper ingredients for the perfect recipes. Featuring Ab Rude, Aceyalone, NoCanDo, Dr. Oop, 2Mex, PEACE, Acid Reign, Myka 9, Dumbfounded, Psychosiz and more!

1.Ken Can Cook Theme click to listen
2.Backyard BBQ (feat. Abstract Rude / Aceyalone / Nocando / Busdriver / Dr. Oop / P.E.A.C.E.) click to listen
3.Smelly Snacks (feat. Nocando)
4.Gringo Tacos (feat. 2Mex)
5.Food On The Table (feat. Aceyalone) click to listen
6.Poker Chili
7.Romantic Cooking (feat. P.E.A.C.E.)
8.Jerk Chicken (feat. Dr. Oop) click to listen
9.Oodles Of Noodles (feat. Acid Reign)
10.Meet The Chef
11.The Kitchen Staff (feat. On Point Crew)
12.Pot Luck (feat. Psychosis / Sp83 / Dumbfounded / Oyg / Nocando) click to listen
13.Stoner Blind Taste Test
14.Mood Food (feat. Myka 9 (Mikah 9)) click to listen
15.Herbal Tea (feat. Prolifix)
16.Last Meal (feat. Abstract Rude )
17.Last Words (feat. Hermitude / Abstract Rude) click to listen

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pretty dope album..., March 12, 2008
By: skibadee - See all my reviews

just be ready for 17 songs about eating and cooking food

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