Various Artists - Superrappin Vol 2 2xCD

Various Artists - Superrappin Vol 2 2xCDVarious Artists
Label: Groove Attack Records
Year: 2001
Price: $18.95
Format: CD

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Super nice compilation made up of some of the best artists around. This isn't your typical mainstream compilation but yet a collection of artists that shine in hip hop.....No matter how big or small their name is.

Produced by: Collizhun, DJ Paul Nice, Killa, DJ Roddy Rod, Fat Jon, R.Thentic, Bravo, J.Rawls, Ayatollah, Kan Kick, Dave 1, DJ Spinna, Geology, Pete Rock, J-Blend, Insight, Oh No, The Are and DJ Buda.

Disc 1
1.Thrust - 'So Amazing'
2.Biz Markie - 'Turn Tha Party Out'
3.The Infamous MC - 'Y'all Not Ready'
4.Maspyke - 'Truth In Position'
5.5 Deez - 'Late October'
6.Rubix - 'Minders'
7.Bravo & Sandman - '1 Of A Kind'
8.Lone Catalysts - 'Monumental'
9.Mike Zoot - 'Spread Love' (feat. Labba)
10.Declaime - 'Do That Dance' (feat. Medaphor)
11.I.G.Off & Hazadus - 'How You Love That'
12.Fat Jon - 'Interlude'
13.Obscure Disorder - 'Last Call Pt. 2'
14.Mr. Complex - 'I Don't Know Either'
15.Gauge - 'Break Through'
16.BJ Digby AKA Holmskillit - 'Ascension'
17.Pete Rock & Grand Agent - 'This Is What They Meant'
18.Loer Velocity - 'Carolina Skies' (feat. PROBE.DMS (CVEES))
19.J-Live - 'Ships Pass'
20.Mr. Lif - 'Ol' Crew'
21.Kali Wild - 'Kali Wow'
22.K-Otix - 'A.M. / P.M.'
23.Royal Flush - 'I Gotta Have It Again'
Disc 2

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