Skyrider - 47:34:00 CD

Skyrider - 47:34:00 CDSkyrider
Label: Endemik Music
Year: 2004
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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From the mastermind production team behind Sole's all new album out on Anticon comes the hard to find 2004 full-length instrumental album from Skyrider off Scott Da Ros' Endemik label. Understanding the backstory to frontman Bud Berning's dreary music is just part of the ride. He awoke in a hospital with no recollection of what happened to him out of a coma with a badly crushed body, broken legs and one eye sewn shut. Tubes, wires and machines keeping him alive through sleepless nights that led to hallucinations and a loss of all sense of time. Bed bound for a year in recovery, Berning began to use only his computer to make the music that reflected his feelings of fear and imprisonment as he felt neither dead or alive. As 47:34 came close to completion and the road to health improved he began mixing live instrumentation, samples, vocals and an array of ambiance and white noise to truly express his experience. The album is dark and moody and quite possibly one of the best instrumental pieces you've never heard, and as Skyrider puts it ''These are sounds from the coma''. For fans of Sixtoo or anything Bully Records for that matter.

2.Into The Light click to listen
3.Everyday Of Their Lives
4.I Tried click to listen
6.No Good  click to listen
7.Join The Navy
8.Before The Dawn click to listen
9.Good Morning
10.Semilla click to listen
11.Masters Of Deception
12.Dub Dem Crazy
13.I Love
14.Skyriders's Theme
16.Hello Loneliness click to listen
17.Requiem click to listen
18.Good Luck

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