DJ Boogie Blind - Definitive DITC 2xCD

DJ Boogie Blind - Definitive DITC 2xCDDJ Boogie Blind
Label: No Sleep Recordings
Year: 2007
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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As the title suggests, this quite possibly the very best and only DITC mix to dig the extensively into the vault for exclusives, rarities, classics, remixes, and basically a bunch of songs you haven't heard in years! Buckwild's DITC Rare Studio Masters featured mostly production work and remixes of his, the X-ecutioner's Boogie Blind has gathered quite a list of here of strictly DITC by diggin' in his own crates, and at over 50 tracks this is a must have!

Disc 1
1.DJ Boogie Blind Intro
2.Show & AG - 'Catchin Wreck'
3.Show & AG. - 'Diggin In The Crates' (feat. Lord Finesse / Diamond D)
4.Big L - 'Devil's Son'
5.Diamond D - 'A Day In The Life' (feat. Brand Nubian)
6.Fat Joe - 'Bronx Keeps Creating It'
7.O.C. - 'O.C. Speaks' / 'O-Zone'
8.Lord Finesse - 'Do Your Thing (Original Version)' (feat. Diamond D)
9.Big L - 'Put It On'
10.Diamond D - 'Check One Two'
11.Fat Joe - 'Shit Is Real (DJ Premier Remix)'
12.Show & AG - You Know Now (Buckwild Remix)'
13.Diamond D - '5 Fingaz Of Death' (feat. Big L / Lord Finesse / AG / Fat Joe)
14.Lord Finesse - 'You Know What I'm About (Original Version)' (feat. Big L )
15.Fat Joe - 'Watch The Sound' (feat. Diamond D / Grand Puba)
16.Lord Finesse - 'Return Of The Funky Man'
17.Show & AG - 'Hold Ya Head'
18.Diamond D - 'Fuck What U Heard'
19.Diamond D - 'Freestyle... Yo Thats Dat Shit'
20.DJ Premier Speaks
21.Big L & Fat Joe - 'The Enemy'
22.Lord Finesse - 'No Gimmicks (Brainstorm Remix)' (feat. KRS One)
23.Diamond D - 'No Wondah (The Projects)'
24.O.C. - 'My World'
25.Big L - 'Ebonics'
26.D.I.T.C. - 'Internationally Known (Live)'
27.Lord Finesse - 'Speaks'
28.Fat Joe (Terror Squad) - 'Bring Em Back' (feat. Big L / Big Pun)
Disc 2
1.Show & AG - 'Show Speaks' / 'Next Level (DJ Premier Remix)'
2.O.C. - 'Time's Up'
3.Big L - 'MVP'
4.Diamond D - 'You Can't Front' (feat. Sadat X / Lord Finesse)
5.Lord Finesse - 'Yes You May (Remix)' (feat. Big L)
6.Bas Blasta - 'The Rhythm' (feat. Lord Finesse / Fat Joe)
7.Show & AG - 'Still Diggin' (feat. Diamond D)
8.Lord Finesse - 'The Funky Technician'
9.Diamond D - 'The Best Kept Secret'
10.Show & AG - 'Represent' (feat. Big L / Lord Finesse)
11.Show & AG - 'Fat Pockets (Remix)'
12.Diamond D - 'I Went For Mine'
13.Diamond D - 'Sally Got A One Track Mind'
14.Show & AG - 'Soul Clap'
15.Big L - 'Dangerzone'
16.Fat Joe - 'Success'
17.O.C. - 'Dangerous (Remix)' (feat. Big L / Lost Boyz)
18.Big L & Fat Joe - 'Way Of Life'
19.DITC - 'Dignified Soldiers'
20.DITC - 'Day One'
21.DITC - 'All Love'
22.Lord Finesse - 'Strictly For The Ladies (Live From Big L Tribute)'
23.Show & AG - 'Spit (Live From Big L Tribute)'
24.O.C. - 'War Games (Live From Big L Tribute)'
25.DITC - 'Thick (DJ Premier Version)'
26.Big L - 'Flamboyant'

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